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 Nov 2017
Testimonial for Sam's Childminding Services

My son who turns 7 on December 2017 has been coming to Sam full time for the last 6 years. Sam is not just a childminder she is part of our family, never did I expect to have such a friendship that we now when I began my search for childcare when I was returning to work.

Sam is always accommodating and will go beyond and above for the children

Nothing makes me happier than knowing whilst I'm at work my son is in the best hands he can be.

Sam has helped me bring my son up to be a lovely, respectful,polite little boy she has such a hugh in pact on  his life having bonded with him from such a young age also as she spends more time with him on a day to day basis than I do and I couldn't that her enough.

She comes highly recommended so much so since having my son she's also gained a number of my friends children who I'm confident would agree with the above.

Thank you for everything you have done :-) xxx


October 2017

******* started at Sam's on the 1st December 2015 at 9 months old.
I have found ******* settled in straight away and has always loved going which makes it easier for me going to work knowing she is happy. Sam's home is a very safe, happy and comfortable place for *******. She has many activities and toys for the children, they are always kept busy and learning something new. ******* learning new things has come so far from walking, toilet training to the education of counting, writing, colours, shapes. She knows her ABC I am so proud how well she is doing at Sam's. Her favourite activity are to paint firework pictures and she also enjoys baking with Sam.
******* enjoys playing with new children so enjoys it when Sam meets with other childminders so the children can mix with new children.
I really like that I have been able to keep up to date with ******* day with the Baby Days app, where I get daily photos and a diary of what they have been doing, what she has eaten and how well she has slept.

Sam is great with ******* and they have a wonderful bond. I also know if I have any concerns I can always talk to Sam



What can I say about Sam,
Sam has been looking after my daughter *** since she was 18 months old and comes to Sam's in April 2013. Nearly 5 years later and going on 6 years old, I can look back on this decision as one of the best choices I have made. As me going back to work made a hugh effect on my family, it was a very hard choice and life changing decision I made. The way *** settled into a routine and was happy and content going there every morning. Made the choice of me going back to work even easier knowing she was happy in Sam's care. It is hard watching your daughter grow and knowing you are not there to do the school runs or taking them into school is tough as a parent. Sam made this transition so much easier for me and was always there to reassure me that she was fine. Sam has applied amazing structure, routine and fun into *** life.
*** looks at Sam and her family as her second family. She has so much love for all of them, which is great and makes me value her more in what she does for us. Nothing is too small or to big, she always goes above and beyond for us. And it's nice to say after all these years to be able to call her a close friend and not just someone that looks after my daughter.


Nov 2017

 *********** first started with Sam on the 22nd February 2016 and immediately settled and has been happy with her ever since which is definitely helped with her development over the past 18 months. *********** has been treated as part of Sam's family which has been important to us.

Sam has a fantastic light and bright playroom which she decorates differently each season so always changing and provides not only a safe space but also a place to have fun and learn at the same time. They are always doing fun activities such as story time, singing, cooking ( which **** loves) and making pictures an painting for special occasions. **** came home with a fabulous Remembrance picture where the poppies were her fingerprints and drew on the green stalk, brought a tear to my eye!

Sam updates the Baby Days app on a daily basis which is brilliant as we can get to see what they have been up to during the day, see the wonderful pictures Sam takes of them playing together plus important information of how he is progressing with all her different skills. They are always going out on trips including ten pin bowling and play centres which definitely enhances **** social skills and together with all the other stuff Sam does with her is all helping to make her into the wonderful polite little girl she is who makes me so proud.

Sam has also helped me with arranging ********** progression to pre-school and has a fantastic relationship with the local school including an arrangement for collecting all the children, when this all goes through hopefully she will be able to look after my little boy.

I can not praise Sam any more for everything she does for us and how much we appreciate her which I know I don't say often enough so a MASSIVE THANK YOU SAM, you truly are a superstar.


The reason I love coming to Sam's is Sam is really kind and also Sam has lots of toys that really entertain me. Sam has bricks, animals, play cars, food. I started to come to Sam's when I was 3. I have been going to Sam's for 6 years. I also love playing with Sam's daughter Grace because she is really kind and if I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps she would always try to cheer me up. Grace and I always love playing either cars in the playroom or going to her room. Sam has a really big tv so me and my brother Jamie love watching movies. 

Sam is the best childminder I have ever had and is going to be.

From H**** Age 8

Dear Sam
Thank you so much for all the help and support with my kids whilst Sue was off.
I really appreciated it and the kids enjoyed being at your house.
This is just a little thank you for a 'super star'!!!
To whom it may concern
To confirm that Sam Jefferies has looked after my son, ****** on many occasions and she has been very professional in her approach and my son has been very happy in her care.
Sam offers the same level of care that he receives from my permanent Childminder and therefore, this gives my son routine and security.
I will continue to use Sam to look after ****** as and when my Childminder is unable to.
Being a working parent Sam gives me the confidence that my son is being looked after in a loving environment and is very well cared for.
Yours sincerely
Dear Sam
I would like to thank you for all the support you have given me over the last 4 years of looking after my son, giving me the ability to work.
I have always found you very efficient, loving, caring, honest and confident towards my son.
You know the importance of confidentially, you provide my child with a home from home environment, and I know that safety for the children is very important to you.
I would not hesitate in recommending you to someone looking for a childminder, I look forward to more years to come of you providing childcare for my son, whilst I continue to work.
Many thanks